The Handyman

Cleona Coffee Roasters, LLC

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The Handyman is made up of coffees from Central America, which brings forward flavors of brown sugar, caramel, walnuts, almonds, grape, citrus, and other complex flavors. Currently blended with coffee from Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua, this product may change slightly given market availability. This combination of flavors reaches its peak as a medium roast, which is great with any brew method, but may shine as a filter coffee brew. 

Released on Father's Day, this blend is named after my dad, Dean, for his continuous support for not only me, but the business as a whole. In the CCR early stages over a year ago, my dad would sell coffee to his coworkers, and more recently, is the handyman behind any big construction projects in the roasting room. In October 2021, my dad spent well over 50 hours helping to move the door, patch the wall, put up drywall and FRP, install the drop ceiling, and install the ventilation for the roaster. Without ever complaining or hesitating, he made sure the work got done, and for that, CCR wouldn't exist if it wasn't for him. Although this is a small gesture compared to how much he deserves, The Handyman is a tribute to the best dad I could've asked for! 

Roast level: Medium

Growing altitude: 1,400+ MASL

Processing: Washed, sun and patio dried

Varietal: Caturra, Bourbon, Lempira, Pacas, and IHCAFE 90