Wholesale & Consulting


Are you a part of a business that goes through a lot of coffee? Perfect, you're in the right spot. Whether you're running a full-scale coffee shop or keeping coffee stocked in a break room, we'd love to offer you our wholesale rate. If you go through at least 5 lbs. a month, you're eligible. 


  • All varieties are available in 5 lb. or 10 lb. for $12.75 per pound, $13.50 per pound if pre-ground (pricing may increase if a more expensive coffee is chosen).
  • 12 oz. and 16 oz. bags are available in a wholesale rate (contact for pricing).
  • Roasting is performed every Tuesday with fulfillment on Wednesday/Thursday. Orders must be submitted that Monday by noon to guarantee a same-week fulfillment. 
  • For coffee shops/trailers/trucks, private labeling for retail bags is available, given you order beans in bulk to brew with as well. 


Opening a coffee shop can be stressful is so many ways. Business logistics aside, it can be incredibly confusing jumping into the coffee world. Different drink names, steaming techniques, espresso extraction, choosing your preferred beans, etc. It may be new for you, and that's okay; I'm here to help. After years of research, trial and error, repetition, and mastering the craft, I'd love to guide you into the right direction and get you off on the right foot. With no cost to you, with an exception to hotel reimbursement depending on the distance, I will come to you, use your equipment, and run barista training for you and your staff, given you use Cleona Coffee Roasters as your regular wholesaler. Additionally, I can assist with equipment recommendations given your desired operational plan. 



Why us?

  • All coffee is roasted fresh in small batches using digital and physical feedback for a consistent peak quality.
  • We are a veteran and first responder owned business. 
  • By using us, you're supporting a local business owner; not a large corporation. 
  • As a local first responder, doing my business full-time allows me to respond to emergencies during the day when we are least staffed.
  • When you call or email for help, you're talking to the roaster, packager, and owner. There is no forwarding, everything is handled in the moment.
  • All coffee is sourced through reputable and ethical distributors that ensure fair wages to the farmers.

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